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Pattern Making

 The pattern is the most important part of your design process, so we can work with you to determine the best process that will make your design into a workable pattern. We can make a hard copy paper pattern from your sketch or from your sample; once completed we will digitize the pattern ready for grading and marking.

  • First Pattern (prototype)

First patterns are "blue prints" drafted from a working sketch, samples or another pattern (block).
It is important to keep these points in mind when requesting first patterns:
The pattern will only show the information provided on working sketch, so make sure to specify every detail and give the fabric and trim when the first pattern is drafted.
It is unrealistic to expect a first pattern "perfect" as fabrics drape in unexpected ways. Changes will be necessary and can only be accessed from a sewn sample. If your fabric changes at any stage (due to shortages, cancellation, etc.) the substitute fabric is tested (make a sample) and the pattern changes should be expected. We have developed a library of "stock" base size options that our clients can use as a starting point to develop their signature fit as feedback from their target market becomes available 
These base size options include:

- Womenswear (Size 8 Contemporary)
- Plus Sizes (Size 16)

  • Fabric Yields

We can estimate how much fabric is required to complete your order based on the patterns we have created for you
This service will prevent fabric shortages and costly surcharges associated with rushing secondary fabric rolls to complete the order or having to cancel production due to fabric shortages

Production Pattern
A production patterns, once the first pattern has been perfected for fit are optimized for the lowest fabric consumption and number of sewing operations.

Sample Making

 Pattern Test Sewn in alternative fabric to run a preliminary test on pattern.

First Sample
The focus is on getting proportion right and making sure that fabrics behave as expected.

Any corrections resulting from First sample review have already been implemented, so the focus is on getting hanger appeal, fit and construction right.

Minor corrections from First Sample are implemented and the focus in on costing. These are the samples that are usually distributed to the sales team or PR reps.

For Duplicate Sample, we can work with you from 20-50 pcs. 

Sampling lead time is 2 week to 4 weeks


 Once the pattern is finalized the pattern is ready for the next step in the process, scaling of the pattern, Grading. 

Our computer system will grade, designate larger or smaller at a given point, to your specification, or we will work with you to come up with the best grading specification that will meet the garment’s best fit.  Regular size, Petite, and/or Plus we have the grading rule for your design.